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"Don't Be a Bobble-Head, and Other Bits of Guidance" in Fantastical Visions II. [October 2003] Reprinted in updated form in Many Genres, One Craft, Michael Arnzen & Heidi Ruby Miller, eds., Headline Press, [May 2011]

Book review of The Turk: The Life and Times of the Famous Eighteenth-Century Chess-Playing Machine by Tom Standage in the January 2003 issue of the New York Review of Science Fiction.

"On Knowing, Just Once, Whose Hand Had Fashioned the Sky" in The Connecticut Review, Volume XXII, #2 (Fall 2000).

"Why I No Longer Read Fantasy" in Out of James’ Attic V. 1, #1.



"Thoughts on a Martian Postcard" in Barbaric Yawp Vol. 16, No. 2. [July 2012]

"Dispositions" in New Orleans Review 32:1 [September 2006]

"The Burden of Leadership" in Talebones Issue #32 Spring 2006 [April 2006]

"Curse" in the Winter issue of the online magazine Mindfire. [February 2006]

"Bonneville" in Son and Foe, vol. 1 issue 1. [November 2005]

"The Marketplace of Ideas" presented at a Conference of Greek SF Writers at Ioannina, Greece, March 26, 2005.

"Cerulean" in Toasted Cheese Literary Journal, Vol. 4, #2. [June 2004]

"The Last K" in Triangulation 2003. [July 2003]

"Landfall" in The Fortean Bureau #11. [June 2003]

"After School Activity" in Alien Worlds #36. [February 2003]

"Fame" in Interzone #183. [October 2002] Reprinted in Greek in issue #142 of 9. Reprinted in Lithuanian in issue 37 (Nr. 1, 2004) of Dorado Raganos.

"The Loss of a Treasured National Symbol" in Calliope #93 (July/August 2002). This is a publication of American Mensa Ltd.

"Pawn" in Interzone #180 [June-July 2002] Reprinted in Greek in issues #143-4 of 9. Reprinted in Finnish in issue 4/2003 of Spin. Reprinted in Future Games, Prime Books 2012. Reprinted in Indian SF, an English-language Indian magazine, May-June 2013.

"Ignis Fatuus" in Strange Horizons [July 8, 2002]

"Osmund Considers" in Interzone #179 [May 2002] Reprinted in the Finnish magazine Spin 2/2004. Reprinted in the Greek magazine The Dramaturges of the Yann #16.

"The Right Thing" in Future Orbits #4 [April 2002]. Reprinted in Greek in issue #192 of 9.

"The Children’s War" in Sherwood, Jane Yolen, Ed., Philomel Books, 0-399-23182-X. [June 2000]

"Lilith, Searching" in The Age of Reason, Kurt Roth, Ed., SFF Net ISBN 0-9669698-1-2. [August 1999]

"The Briefing" in Nowa Fantastyka #6 (201) [1999].

"Landfall" in Nowa Fantastyka #4 (199) [1999].

"Shift Change" in InterZone #137 [November 1998].

"The Mars Convention" in InterZone #135 [September 1998]. Reprinted in Ikarie [7/99].

"To Answer Your Question: Dearest Nephew" online in Anotherealm [Fall 1998], also print version of same magazine Volume 1, #1 [January 1999]. Reprinted in the E-book How to Write Creatively for Internet Magazines by Jean M. Goldstrom, 1999, Electric Works Publishing.

"The Anthropic Principle & Its Uncertainty or A Copenhagen Misinterpretation" in the August 1998 edition of the online magazine E-scape.

"Tending Mirror" in The Leading Edge in Issue #35 [1998].

"The Disillusionment of Monsieur Blanchard" in the online Fires of Autumn Literary Magazine.

"Norbert and the System" originally appeared in InterZone #73 [July 1993]. Reprinted in Ikarie 5/96, Anticipatia #538, Odessey, final issue, (Ukrainian), the hardback anthology The Best of InterZone, St. Martin’s Press, ISBN 0-312-15063-6, in the paperback anthology The Best of InterZone, HarperCollins Voyager UK, ISBN 0-00-648243-0, Nowa Fantastyka #10 (193) [1998], and Nova SF* #41 [Spring 2000].

"A Changing of the Guard" originally appeared in InterZone #87 [September 1994]. Reprinted in SF World Monthly 97.1 , Chinese language magazine, Nova SF #39 [October 1999], resold to Anticipatia, and reprinted online at Alexandria Digital Literature.

"Crash Site" is in Terra Incognita #2 (Spring 1997). Reprinted in Anticipatia 548/549 [December 1998], in Nova SF* #40 [December 1999], and online at Alexandria Digital Literature.

"Judgement" originally appeared in Manifest Destiny Winter 1994. Reprinted in Ikarie [3/97], in the Brazilian online magazine Hipertexto, in Nova SF* #44, in the Russian magazine Supernova #37-38 [2004], and resold to Anticipatia.

"Doomed" a short-short in Keen Science Fiction! V.1, #3 [June 1996].

"Enigma Enigma" in Geek # 0393 [March 1993].

"The Great Game" in Shadow Sword #1 [March 1993].

"Teachers and Pets" in Vinyl Elephant [1993].

"The Last Shall Be…" in Vision #15 [1992].

"Big Puff Theory Examined" in Vision #8 [1991].


"Insidious", Asimov's Science Fiction, March 2013. [January 2013]

"Awkward Stage", Ship of Fools, No. 66, Fall 2012 [November 2012]

"Squirrel Hill, Saturday", Main Street Rag Volume 17, Number 4. [October 2012]

"inquest" and "Overview", Star*Line 35.3. [August 2012]

"Notable Deficiencies", Dreams & Nightmares #91. [February 2012]

"de angeli", 5AM Issue #34. [December 2011]

"Not For Love, But Something Else", Rune, 2011

"Icon" in OG's Speculative Fiction, Issue 29.[March 2011]

"Dark Matter" in Strange Horizons, January 24, 2011. Nominated for Rhysling Award.

"Why Do You Waste What You Weave?" appeared in motel 58 #1. [October 2008]

"To Demur" was reprinted in the anthology Stories About Time, Ziggy Edwards and Arlene Weiner, eds., Monkeysea Press. [February 2008]

"Would I Give the World, All of It, for Love? and "Lines Written to an Unknown Audience, Waiting for the Night's First Act" were reprinted in the anthology Along These Rivers, Judith R. Robinson and Michael Wurster, eds., Quadrant Publishing. [January 2008]

"Domain", "A Break for Freedom in the 61C Cafe" and "To Demur" appeared in Bathtub Gin #19 (Fall/Winter 2006). [February 2007]

"Commandments for July" appeared in Willard & Maple XI [July 2006] Reprinted in THATCHWORK [October 2009]

"Hello" and "Sentinels" appeared in Pavement Saw 10: The Low Carb Issue. [March 2006]

"customer parking only" in Main Street Rag, Vol. 10, Number 3, Fall 2005. [October 2005]

"Newton's Mass" in Asimov's Science Fiction, December 2005. [September 2005]

"By Their Sidewalks You Will Know Them" on the hotmetalpoets.com site. [September 2005]

"The Blank Bits" in the Santa Clara Review, Spring/Summer 2005, Vol. 92, number 2. [September 2005]

"Deadline" in Nexus 40.1. [March 2005]

"Poetry Month" and "Appropriate Salutations" in Ship of Fools Winter 2005, No. 55. [March 2005]

"Sword's Point" in The Magazine of Speculative Poetry Autumn 2004. [December 2004]

"Rubaiyat LXXI, Revised" in 5AM, Issue #21, Autumn 2004. [November 2004]

"We Used To Have Faces" in Main Street Rag Vol. 9, Number 2, Summer 2004. [July 2004]

"Six Leaves on Shaded Elm" and "Do They Still Pick Rags in My Old City?" in Ship of Fools Fall 2004, No. 53. [July 2004]

"A Poem Reminding Schoolchildren of the Wonders of Astronomy", "Knot", "An Unfortunate Side Effect" and "Unpublicized! or Out of Print, Out of Luck" in Asimov's March 2004 issue. [January 2004]

"The Progressive" and "Supplementary" in The Magazine of Speculative Poetry Autumn 2003.

"All the Important People #1", "Superman Behind the Counter", "Like an Old War Horse", "Even the Crippled", and "My Movie" in Pulp Vol. 2, Issue 34. [October 2003]

"Clarification" in Tales of the Unanticipated #24. [August 2003]

"Pogrom" in The Magazine of Speculative Poetry V. 6, #1. [June 2003]

"The Missing" in Mythic Delirium #8. [May 2003]

"Twenty Titles For Those Who Are Serious Abut The Game" in Red Owl Magazine XVI [March 2003]

"First 3-Year-Old to Pitch a Major League Game" in Star*Line (25.6) November/December 2002 [January 2003]

"The Thing Is" in Möbius (Fall & Winter 2002). [November 2002]

Three collaborative workshop poems, in Star*Line 25.4 [July-August 2002]: "Urban Renewal" with David Sklar & Scott Green, "Why it is" with N. Depoy & Scott Green, and "Enchanted Sword" with Flonet Biltgen & N. Depoy

"The Rocks" in Full Unit Hookup #2 [September 2002]

"All Day I Waited" and "Endgame" in Fantasy Commentator #53-54, Winter 2001-2 [April 2002]

"It Only Takes One" and "In The Whole History Of Time?" in Yawp #4, Winter 2002. [February 2002]

"Nudge Toward Libration" in Asimov's [April 2002]

"My Play", "Purity" and "How Could They?" in Reflections Winter 2001 [January 2002]

"Reasons No-one Took Him to Mars in His Lifetime" in Dreams and Nightmares #61 [January 2002]

"Robbed!" in Elysian Fields Quarterly Vol, 18/ No. 3 [August 2001]

"This Wind" in the Tucumcari Literary Review #113 [August 2001]

"Venusian Cuisine" online at Strange Horizons [May 2001]

"As We Go On" in Colonies #3, [2001]. Published in Chinese translation in Huaguang Newspaper, January 25th, 2002.

"Whatever She Needs" in Fantastic, Spring 2001 [April 2001]

"Please Note" in The Magazine of Speculative Poetry, Spring 2001 [April 2001]

"Thulium 69" in SciFiStory's Periodic Table of Haiku (www.iscifistory.com/scifaku/elements/periodichaiku.asp)[February 2001]

"On Balance" in Asimov's [March 2001]

"It's a Disaster, Really" in Star*Line (24.1) [Jan/Feb 2001]. Nominated for the 2001 Rhysling Award.

"Photonic Relationships" in Terra Incognita #5 [Sept. 2000]. Reprinted in 2001: A Science Fiction Poetry Anthology.

"Advice for Our New Galactic Warriors" in Fantasy Commentator #52 [Sept. 2000]. Nominated for the 2000 Rhysling Award.

"Objective Comparison" in Asimov's [Oct/Nov 2000]. Published in Spanish translation in Spanish version of Asimov's. Published in Chinese translation in Huaguang Newspaper, January 25th, 2002.

"I Wonder" in Reality's Escape [July 2000]

"I Must Admit" in Asimov's [June 2000].

"Planaria" in Voyage #6.

"The Last Word" in Asimov's [May 2000]. Nominated for the 2000 Rhysling Award.

"Taunts From Beyond" online in Electric Wine [February/March 2000]

"The Latest Literary Device" in Asimov's [February 2000].

"Correcting the Record" in Asimov's [December 1999].

"Carnegie Library, Oakland" in The Loyalhanna Review Vol. 8 [1999].

"Ocean" in Star*Line (22.5). Reprinted in 2001: A Science Fiction Poetry Anthology.

"Lost Wax" in Sci-Fright #3 [1999]. Reprinted in 2001: A Science Fiction Poetry Anthology.

"Horror 01" in Edgar: Digested Verse #3 [Summer 1999].

"Heisenberg Haiku" in Asimov's [May 1999].

"Gump on Mars" in Out of James' Attic Vol. 4, #1 [May 1999].

"The New, Improved, Gene-Spliced, Purple Cow (Patent Pending)" in Star*Line (22.1 Jan/Feb 1999)

"Sisyphus on Science" in The Fractal [Winter 1998]. Now available online from Alexandria Digital Literature.

"Checklist" in Asimov's Science Fiction [June 1998]. Now available online from Alexandria Digital Literature.

"Living Will" in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette [4/18/98].

"It's All Time-Machines, She Said" in Star*Line (20.5 Sept./Oct. 1997) available only to SFPA members. Also in The 1998 Rhysling Award Anthology. Now available online from Alexandria Digital Literature.

"This Poem Should Win The Rhysling Prize" in the e-zine Intermix Vol. 2, #4. Also in The 1997 Rhysling Award Anthology.

"Nunc Dimittis" in the e-zine TomorrowSF [1997].

"BS Detector Reading Off the Scale" in the e-zine TomorrowSF [1997].

"Is It...?," in "The Fractal #6". Now available online from Alexandria Digital Literature.

"Rose Today," in TransVersions #6. Now available online from Alexandria Digital Literature.

"My Love Will See The Eon Out" in TransVersions #2. (May be sold out, but I have copies for $5.)

"An Amendment" in Elysian Fields Quarterly Vol.12/#3.

"A Poem Relevant To This Occasion" in Prairie Dog Issue #1.

"Family" in Tales of the Unanticipated #14. ($5. Checks to Minnesota SF Society, PO Box 8036, Lake Street Station, Minneapolis, MN 55408) Now available online from Alexandria Digital Literature.